Visit to PFA

Hey! Rs. 6790 was donated in person to People for Animals, Bangalore. Thank you for your support. The rehabilitation work they're doing is truly phenomenal. Richa and I had the privilege of seeing an Indian jackal. Her rehabilitation is almost complete, and she's going to be released into the wild as soon as the paperwork regarding… Continue reading Visit to PFA


Our Fundraising

Well, we're happy to tell you guys that we, at The Crafting Table, raised Rs. 6,790 today. That's right - our fundraiser raised nearly 7k. We're looking forward to donating it to People for Animals. We're also having another sale, but this one is available only to students of our school (Mallya Aditi International School).… Continue reading Our Fundraising


Upcoming Event

The Crafting Table is glad to announce another sale, at Safina Plaza, Bangalore. We're selling the same kinds of products - textiles and cute scarves and headbands, accessories, and art and craftwork that you really don't want to miss out on. Again, every single rupee goes to People for Animals, Bangalore. Address: Safina Plaza, Main Guard… Continue reading Upcoming Event


Why The Crafting Table Does What It Does

People often take a lot of things for granted. Have you ever spent even a moment of your life, terrified that you aren't going to see food again for a very, very long time? Has your child ever fallen fatally ill, even though you have no means of taking care of them, no access to any… Continue reading Why The Crafting Table Does What It Does