New Collaboration with This

Hello! Hope you’re doing great because we have some exciting news to share!

*insert drumroll*

As our name suggests, The Crafting Table is an organization that deals in craftwork. We, therefore, are proud to present a collaboration with Stuti Srivatsava.

You might be curious about who that is.

Stuti Srivatsava is a young and upcoming designer, label name This, who specializes in Indian handloom fabrics. Her creations are purses and bags made of fabric from all parts of India. Since these sourced directly from the weavers, her company provides social benefits to native Indian craftsmen. Stuti also creates handmade jewelry, much of which is upcycled – similar to our own creations. She’s also the blogger behind ADesiPraheli, an Indo-Western fashion blog.

As of our next sale, The Crafting Table will be featuring an exclusive collection of purses and jewelry from This in our stalls.

We’re looking forward to meeting you at our next sale, which should be sometime soon. Keep following us for more news.


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