Narayanpura Pottery Village

Narayanpura is a small, charming village off the main roads of Bangalore, famous for its talented potters and craftspeople.

Richa and I visited this quaint location today afternoon. After a couple wrong turns, we reached the house of Mr. Nandish, with whom we had an appointment.

Mr. Nandish is a potter. He works with terracotta and creates pots, diyas (Indian lamps), and jewelry. His specialty lies in environmentally friendly products, so his jewelry (pictured in the feature image as well as below) is painted with natural based dyes. We find it exquisite.

The Crafting Table is glad to inform you that we will be selling handcrafted terracotta jewelry, sourced from Narayanpura, at our future sales. We hope you enjoy looking at some of these pieces below.



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