Volunteering Work

Hey! This is about my second volunteering session at PFA, on Sunday the 18th.

Things were a little busier when I arrived. A few staff members were absent, so they were short staffed. My day began at the ICU, where I helped change all the beddings. I also had to forage for sticks to put in the squirrels’ enclosures.

I next had to cut fruits for breakfast. This included papaya (yuck).

After the fruits were distributed to the monkeys and parrots, I headed back to the ICU. I helped prepare the formula food for the baby monkeys, barbets, and squirrels. I also watched as the birds of prey (kites and crows) were fed minced chicken. Watching monkeys try to steal the crows’ food through the cage bars was hilarious.

I’ll post an update after my next volunteering session.



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