Volunteering Work

Hey guys! It’s been a while. Just Manya here today.

I spent some time at PFA a few hours ago, volunteering.

Do you remember the jackal we talked about in this post? Great news – she’s been released into the wild. Since her enclosure was pretty large, they’re moving the jungle cat (also mentioned in this post) into that space.

Today’s main task was collecting large rocks for the jungle cat’s enclosure. It was hard work, but these rocks will make the space resemble the animal’s natural habitat, which is an important aspect of the rehabilitation process.

Speaking of this cat, I was surprised at the massive increase in size since I last saw it. A few months ago, it was the size of a kitten. Now it’s slightly taller than my knee. Of course, I only got a quick glimpse, because of the fact that it’s only allowed limited contact with humans.

Next, at the ICU, I was able to observe a vet bottle-feed two infant monkeys. I also watched as he fed pubescent barbets a formulation of Sammolac (a baby food formula).

My final task for the day was cutting vegetables and portioning them for the monkeys. This included potatoes, sweet potatoes, radishes, cabbages, carrots, turnips, and beetroots.

I’m returning tomorrow, and I will post another update after that session.



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