Visit to PFA

Hey! Rs. 6790 was donated in person to People for Animals, Bangalore. Thank you for your support.

The rehabilitation work they’re doing is truly phenomenal. Richa and I had the privilege of seeing an Indian jackal. Her rehabilitation is almost complete, and she’s going to be released into the wild as soon as the paperwork regarding her release is finished.

We saw a jungle cat (jungle kitten, rather) who was rather curious about us. It jumped up onto the peephole to get a better look at Richa and me. We were stunned by its beautiful green eyes.

We saw barn owls, fruit bats, star turtles, slender lorises, parrots, and kites. Interestingly, a white-headed kite is more likely to be a hunting bird rather that a scavenger, in comparison to normal kites. Richa and I found it ironic that they have a literal “Hunter’s Mark”.

We were able to see a red sand boa, and a rat-snake whose eyes have been smashed in by a human attacker. Both of them are common non-toxic snakes found in India. and Richa and I were appalled to see that someone would resort to such cruelty towards animals.

A similar story applies to Elizabeth, a macaque monkey who was blinded when a fruit vendor threw acid at her face. Her facial tissue has recovered, but she is now permanently blind. Elizabeth will never be able to reenter the wild.

What did reenter the wild today was a rehabilitated kite that PFA allowed us to release.. It was a thrilling experience, and we’re glad to share it with you.

Visit a post on PFA’s Instagram.

From left: Richa Tupe, Manya Bharadwaj, Dr. Karthik


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