Volunteering Work

Hey! This is about my second volunteering session at PFA, on Sunday the 18th.

Things were a little busier when I arrived. A few staff members were absent, so they were short staffed. My day began at the ICU, where I helped change all the beddings. I also had to forage for sticks to put in the squirrels’ enclosures.

I next had to cut fruits for breakfast. This included papaya (yuck).

After the fruits were distributed to the monkeys and parrots, I headed back to the ICU. I helped prepare the formula food for the baby monkeys, barbets, and squirrels. I also watched as the birds of prey (kites and crows) were fed minced chicken. Watching monkeys try to steal the crows’ food through the cage bars was hilarious.

I’ll post an update after my next volunteering session.


Volunteering Work

Hey guys! It’s been a while. Just Manya here today.

I spent some time at PFA a few hours ago, volunteering.

Do you remember the jackal we talked about in this post? Great news – she’s been released into the wild. Since her enclosure was pretty large, they’re moving the jungle cat (also mentioned in this post) into that space.

Today’s main task was collecting large rocks for the jungle cat’s enclosure. It was hard work, but these rocks will make the space resemble the animal’s natural habitat, which is an important aspect of the rehabilitation process.

Speaking of this cat, I was surprised at the massive increase in size since I last saw it. A few months ago, it was the size of a kitten. Now it’s slightly taller than my knee. Of course, I only got a quick glimpse, because of the fact that it’s only allowed limited contact with humans.

Next, at the ICU, I was able to observe a vet bottle-feed two infant monkeys. I also watched as he fed pubescent barbets a formulation of Sammolac (a baby food formula).

My final task for the day was cutting vegetables and portioning them for the monkeys. This included potatoes, sweet potatoes, radishes, cabbages, carrots, turnips, and beetroots.

I’m returning tomorrow, and I will post another update after that session.


A New Partnership

Hey! We’really happy to announce that The Crafting Table is now going to be entering a partnership with another business.

BookBite is another student venture founded to promote reading and the love of books. For Rs. 500 a month, you can subscribe and have a box with a special book of the month delivered to you. Visit their Facebook page here.

The idea of this partnership is a collaboration between both organizations. Every month, enclosed in the BookBite package, is going to be a little environment friendly goodie made by us. Since TCT is a non-profit, our revenue from this partnership will be donated to PFA – and as a plus, this partnership will result in another enterprise leaning humanitarian.

Our Fundraising

Well, we’re happy to tell you guys that we, at The Crafting Table, raised Rs. 6,790 today. That’s right – our fundraiser raised nearly 7k. We’re looking forward to donating it to People for Animals. We’re also having another sale, but this one is available only to students of our school (Mallya Aditi International School). It will be a week long, and the total funds will be personally donated to the shelter. Thank you for your support!

Upcoming Event

The Crafting Table is glad to announce another sale, at Safina Plaza, Bangalore. We’re selling the same kinds of products – textiles and cute scarves and headbands, accessories, and art and craftwork that you really don’t want to miss out on. Again, every single rupee goes to People for Animals, Bangalore.

Address: Safina Plaza, Main Guard Cross Rd, Tasker Town, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

What time: 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Date: January 22nd, Sunday

We’d love to see y’all there!